Abey Storage Network

The ABEY Storage Network disrupts the data storage industry with a fair, open, honest and reliable data storage solution with no central points of failure, placing control of data firmly back into the hands of the user. The ABEY Storage Network is a decentralized, open-source data storage platform that prioritizes transparency and eliminates the need to rely upon centralized service providers to control users’ data.

How it works

ABEY Storage offers a better alternative to centralized data storage services, which are controlled by the powerful few, by providing an open, transparent, secure and fully decentralized storage network designed to empower users around the world to collectively take back control of their own data. ABEY Storage users and miners (Storage Miners and Retrieval Miners) negotiate for a mutually agreeable storage rate. Users compensate Storage Miners to hold their data in a fully secure and decentralized manner. Storage Miners securely store the encrypted data using mathematical proofs to verify completeness, accuracy, and privacy. Retrieval Miners (who can also play the role of Storage Miners) are incentivized to retrieve and deliver the data, instantaneously, whenever it is requested by the ABEY Storage user.


ABEY Storage provides an attractive data storage alternative to traditional decentralized storage platforms running on the IPFS protocol. ABEY Storage solves the problems of the Filecoin (FIL) system by providing standardized storage servers, fully compliant with the IPFS storage protocols, that cost significantly less than the solution offered by Filecoin, while eliminating the risk of fines or termination from the data storage network.

ABEY Storage offers generous rewards to both Storage Miners and Retrieval Miners for their services in the form of the ABEY Storage Token (AST). AST is issued on the ABEYCHAIN and backed by 100% liquidity, while maintaining a 1:1 parity to Filecoin, meaning that AST can be immediately exchanged at the same value as Filecoin at any time.

How to start Mining AST

Purchase an ABEY Data Storage server package that includes the CMLX Server Management software. Mining packages can be activated and managed directly from the CMLX dashboard. Be a part of this exciting movement to revolutionize the Data Storage industry, join the ABEY Storage Network today!